We at Investment Cars cc are more than just a Used Car Dealer, we see ourselves as a Life Style Centre. We stock Jet Ski’s, Motor Boats, Motor Cycles, Sport Cars, Luxury Station Wagons and 4x4s. A life style centre where we will ensure that be it on the road or in water, we will keep you moving in style.

As with the trend in the market we also offer, special financing deals with Banks, have no deposit schemes, deliver quality service and customer care and service your vehicle before delivery. Why buy from us? We have a range of quality products with 30 years of experience in the industry. We have approval from the Banks to sell imports, and we will be able to supply any spare part when needed. If you would like to buy a quality vehicle, Jet Ski or Motorboat, then phone Jassie, Marius, Pierre, Dries, Cobus for advice, or the availability of our products.